Often asked: Vishal Mega Mart Online Shopping Clothes?

How can I buy Vishal Mega Mart online?

While shopping from Vishal Mega Mart Online Portal, you can place an order from your registered account. Either choose to shop from the website or mobile app as per your convenience. Once you select the products that you need to buy, place an order for them.

Who is the CEO of Vishal Mega Mart?

Vishal Mega Mart CEO, Gunender Kapur, added: “We are excited about working with Flipkart, now our customers can visit our over 365 stores or order essentials from Vishal easily on Flipkart and have them delivered at their doorstep, in a safe and hygienic manner.”

What are the things available in Vishal Mega Mart?

Products & Services

  • Britannia Rusk Premium.
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Crackle.
  • MTR Breakfast Mix Rava Idli.

Can we exchange clothes in Vishal Mega Mart?

Vishal mega mart exchange policy Customers can visit any of the Vishal mega-mart stores near them and return their products within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Is V Mart same as Vishal Mega Mart?

V- MART is a chain of shopping malls in India. Vishal Mega Mart is India’s largest Fashion-led hypermarket chain with a footprint of over 175 stores, a cumulative trading area in excess of 3 million square feet, in over 110 cities and towns across India.

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How do I redeem my Vishal Mega Mart points?

Vishal Mega Mart Loyalty Points Vishal Mega Mart takes care of its customers by giving them loyalty points on their purchases. You can redeem these points at checkout which gets your bill cut short. Moreover, you earn points on this shopping also so your loyalty points bag gets filled again.

Why did Vishal Mega Mart fail?

A combination of poor location, bad economics and under-utilisation of resources had made most of the stores almost redundant. “From 200 stores, the number was shrunk to 100,” Bhatia says. The new owners had to get rid of the legacy business and its issues.

What is the full form of V Mart?

The company operates its retail stores under the V-Mart brand. V-Mart Retail Ltd was originally incorporated as Varin Commercial Private Limited on 24th July 2002 in West Bengal.

How many Vishal Mega Mart are there in India?

Vishal Mega Mart is India’s largest fashion-led hypermarket chain, with over 192 stores and a cumulative trading area of more than 3 million square feet across 110 cities and towns in India.

How do I complain to Vishal Mega Mart?

All India Number(s): 011-41132664 (Customer care) 011-30017604 (Head Office)

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