Readers ask: Raymond Shirts Clothes?

Is it Raymond or Raymond’s?

Raymond’s B2C Shirting fabrics business that was launched in 2015 has grown rapidly over the last two years. Today, Raymond is the largest OTC branded fabric player in the organized shirting segment.

Is Raymond a good brand?

Raymond is the best brand for suits in India. The quality of the product is incomparable. Raymond is a brand that provides high-quality fabric at affordable prices.

How much does it cost to stitch a shirt?

Stitching charges would be Rs 175 minimum for a full sleeve shirt, Rs 125 for half sleeve, Rs 200 for a pant, Rs 125 a half-pant, Rs 150 for a chudidar and Rs 80 for a blouse.

How much cloth do you need for a 2 piece suit?

Around 3.5 metres of cloth should be good for a standard two-piece suit Or alternatively, 4 metres if you want the waistcoat too.

Is Raymond in next look?

Both the sub brands Ethnix and Next Look have emerged as two new, high-growth opportunities for Raymond in the past one year. These two brands have been test marketed, checked out what is working and now Raymond is planning to launch these brands in the full swing.

Is Raymond a luxury brand?

The Raymond brand was positioned as bridge-to-luxury with classic styling (like formal shirts and suits); Park Avenue was positioned as premium and contemporary (think ankle-length trousers with slim cuts); Parx was made more affordable and edgy (floral shirts and hoodies for college-goers); and Color Plus—a brand

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Why is Raymond so popular?

He also has the smug personality type, which for some reason, has been extremely popular among Animal Crossing fans. The smug personality was first introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and during the height of that game, the villager Marshal, who is also smug, became as popular as Raymond is today.

What is Raymond famous for?

Raymond Ltd (BSE: 500330|NSE: RAYMOND) is largest integrated manufacturer of fabric in the world based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has over 60% market share in suiting in India. It is also India’s biggest woolen fabric maker.

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